Microsoft cannot solve the problems with the updates it launches for Windows 10. Despite the arrival of Windows 11, the Windows that we have been using until now is still present in the vast majority of computers and the last bug is related to games. and the Alt + Tab key combination.

The feature affects users who have the July Patch Tuesday installed and to users’ surprise it is also still present in the August Patch Tuesday released a few days ago as patch KB5004296. However, it can be fixed if the update is uninstalled or if the “News and interests” feed is disabled.

Full screen playback issues

The problem is that the KB5004296 hotfix, available to anyone running version 21H1, version 20H2, version 2004, and version 1909 of Windows 10 crashes with Alt + Tab functionality on some computers.

Thanks to this key combination, the user can quickly switch between the different windows that are currently open and mostly affects those users who are running a game and who with this problem cannot access another open application running in another window.

If we are using a full screen game, we will not be able to use Alt + Tab to be able, for example, to switch to the browser application or any other application that we have open. The cause of this failure is that Windows brings the user to the desktop instead of allowing switching between applications when we press Tab. To return to a running application, furthermore, we will have to restart it, because when we try to return, the screen appears black.

This failure occurs if the most recent patch is run and at this time there is no workaround from Microsoft beyond the already known uninstallation of the problematic patch. The process to remove the update is as follows. To uninstall update KB5004296, the process goes through the path “Configuration”, “Update and security” and inside click on “Show update history”. The next step is to use the “Uninstall updates” option by checking the update KB5004296 and then clicking the “Uninstall” button.

Another option may be to run the game in windowed mode, a solution that may not make the gaming experience appealing and also, from Lifehacker they say it can be solved in the most strikingly happening way. deactivating “notification interests” by clicking on the right button on the taskbar and on “News and interests”, choosing “Deactivate”.

We will have to wait until Patch Tuesday in September to find out if Microsoft finally fixes the bug in the new update it is releasing for Windows 10.

Via | Lifehacker