OPPO has been experimenting with under-screen camera technology since at least 2019, when we saw its first prototype. Now the company has just introduced the new front-facing camera technology below the screen which they say barely stands out from the rest of the screen.

Several manufacturers have toyed with the idea of ​​putting the camera under the screen, with the most recent example of the ZTE Axon 30. OPPO has yet to launch one, but it seems to be finalizing the technology to combine hardware and software to achieve good quality in selfies with an almost indistinguishable camera.

The front camera is there, but you can’t see it

Attempts to put the camera under the screen began in 2019, when the notch took over a large number of terminals a year after the iPhone X. Two years have passed since, and OPPO has already completed its third generation. of camera technology under. the screen, which we have seen in some pictures and in video.

m OPPO claims that this generation of below-screen camera technology allows the front-facing camera to be included without “compromising the integrity of the screen” above the camera. Instead of reducing the pixel density on the screen, smaller pixels are used with the same density of 400 dpi as the rest of the panel. Transparent wiring is also used with half the size of traditional wiring.

As a result, OPPO claims that users should find almost no difference between the area of ​​the screen that hides the camera and the rest, the holy grail of cameras below the screen, because in previous attempts like the ZTE Axon 20, the camera under the screen, that was pretty obvious.

Regarding the photographs obtained through this camera, OPPO has provided a sample photo to demonstrate the possible quality with the image having to go through these reduced size pixels.

Photo taken with the camera under the OPPO screen

For photographs, OPPO’s solution combines sub-screen technology hardware with proprietary AI algorithms to improve the quality of captured images. Artificial intelligence helps reduce refraction, white balance and HDR to achieve a better result than in previous generations.

OPPO has showcased its latest iteration of underscreen camera tech, but at the moment I’m not sure if we’ll see it on mobile or when. If it’s as capable as OPPO claims it would be, it wouldn’t be surprising if they decided to include it in a future release.

Via | The edge