Israel has started applying the 3rd dose of the Covid-19 vaccine for people over 60. Photo: BigStock

Almost half of those over 60 in Israel, or around 600,000 people, have received the third dose of the Covid-19 vaccine since the campaign began 10 days ago, as the government insists that unvaccinated are also immune.

“This vaccination effort is a great success,” said Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett of the third dose, while encouraging the population that has not yet been vaccinated, given the uncontrollable spread of the delta variant .

“Today, 90% of serious cases concern people over 50, or nine out of ten. I therefore ask Israelis of this age to be very careful in the weeks to come,” he warned. .

Israel passed the 6,000-case mark in 24 hours today, for the first time since February, compared to just a few dozen in June.

Of the active cases, 394 are severe and 64 patients require ventilators.

“It is the only country in the world which currently offers its elderly population the possibility of receiving a third dose (Pfizer / BioNTech), a boost”, defended Bennett, even if countries like the Emirates have launched the campaign for the third dose earlier, with the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine.

The Ministry of Health today guaranteed that of the 600,000 vaccinated with the third dose, only 50 reported symptoms, which were “mild and passed quickly (pain at the injection site, fever, nausea)”.

Of the estimated 9.3 million people residing in Israel, more than a million have not yet been vaccinated.

Naftali Bennett today insisted on speeding up the vaccination to avoid a fourth national lockdown before the Jewish holidays next month.

The country has had to reimpose restrictions, such as the use of mandatory masks indoors, the green certificate for access to events of more than 100 people, and has not lifted the entry ban for tourists. since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.