Flipping a switch or plugging in an appliance and having access to electric current is something we consider everyday, but in some places it is a luxury. Points where the network does not reach and where power stations or portable batteries are needed or in places where power cuts are frequent. And this is where the new models that Bluetti presents come in, which can be controlled from the mobile and adapted to the needs of each moment.

Bluetti’s latest power plants, the AC200 MAX and AC300, allow adaptive use that allows them to serve as a back-up battery to power electronic devices, or even to power an entire house in case of need after suffering for example from a power cut.

Recharge the mobile or power the house

Bluetti announced the AC200MAX and AC300 charging stations. Two models that stand out for their modularity, which allows an energy saving that can be extended by adding additional batteries, which facilitates its use and transport.

The Bluetti AC200MAX charging station is capable of generating up to 2000 W of power thanks to a built-in 2048 Wh battery. Capacity that can be expanded by batteries and, for example, the B230 adds an additional 2,048 Wh or the B300 adds 3,072 Wh, so you can have an 8,192 Wh system.

A notch above is the AC300 model, which can generate up to 3000W and although it does not include a battery, it allows the addition of up to four Bluetti B300 batteries for up to 12 288 Wh. You can even connect two AC300s thanks to the Fusion Box Pro system and thus have up to 6000 W of power and 24,576 Wh.

With all this data, you can connect almost any equipment that requires 240V electricity, including electric vehicles, solar panels, and even a solar roof.

These powerhouses include various outlets that go through a NEMA TT-30 port to power a motorhome, six standard AC outlets, USB Type A and USB Type C connectors, and two Qi wireless charging bases, among others. In addition, each battery also has its own set of ports and therefore we find USB Type A ports with QuickCharge 3.0 or USB Type C port with USB-PD charging up to 100W with which to charge cell phones. computer equipment.

Además la marca ha lanzado una aplicación para Android e iOS con la que se puede controlar desde el móvil cada una de las estaciones de energía y baterías a través de Bluetooth o Wi-Fi para así conocer el estado de la mismas y la carga con la What are they saying.

Pricing and availability

They can be reserved from September 2021 at the selling price of $ 2,899 in the case of the Bluetti AC300 and from August in the case of the Bluetti AC200 MAX on sale at the price of $ 2,099, with a delivery time three weeks.

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