Alleged bank fraud scheme stopped at the Pinehills

A pair of Bridgeport, Connecticut men who had allegedly opened fraudulent bank accounts at several Massachusetts TD Bank branches saw their plan come to an end at the Pinehills, Thursday afternoon.

According to Captain John Rogers, staff at the Pinehills branch had been alerted to the alleged scheme when Raul Samola, 36, reportedly tried to open an account at the branch. They contacted police who arrived as Samola was leaving the building.

When police searched the car, Rogers said, they reportedly found numerous fake IDs, credit cards and debit cards. Samola’s partner, Josue Cotto, 28, was also in the car.

The pair had allegedly pulled the same scam at TD Bank branches in Pocasset, Sandwich and Ashland, as well as New Ipswich, New Hampshire. The bank is currently running a promotion giving new customers $100 for opening an account, Rogers said.

Samola was charged with check forgery, forgery or misuse of an RMV document, credit card forgery and unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle. Cotto was charged with forgery or misuse of an RMV document and  credit card forgery. US Immigration Customs Enforcement has a detainment request for Samola, Rogers said.

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