The Android app store offers different selections of apps, including games. And there is a monthly recommendation that Google takes care of itself: titles chosen for their quality and novelty, as well as different selections by theme. And you can easily access these recommendations, we tell you how.

With the huge amount of apps that can be found on the Google Play Store, one would spend several lifetimes just to test half of them. It is true that the worthwhile ones are only a very small part of all, but, even so, there are too many to try just one. So how about using Google’s recommendations? For example, the ones he does every month in games.

Access this month’s recommended games even if they don’t appear in the mobile Play Store

Featured July Games on Google Play

Google adapts the different sections of the store according to the movements within the applications themselves, it also offers different selections by seasons and categories. All recommendations usually have a section in the phone’s Google Play, including monthly gaming recommendations. While they don’t always appear, that’s a problem: the store is constantly changing.

The monthly recommendations for each month offer a set of apps specifically recommended by the Google Play team. This guarantees a certain quality, also novelty: it is convenient to follow the pulse of the recommendations, they are a good way to discover everything that is worthwhile.

Like we said, the phone store is continually moving different sections, so you might not find the recommendations for every month. Let’s see how to locate them at all times:

Access this permanent link. This is the URL for the monthly recommendations section. Open the link from the phone’s Google Play or from the desktop browser (even from the mobile browser). You will see that you can browse the different selections: Recommended Game of the Month, Highlights, Independent News, and Recommended titles with prior registration. Visit whatever you want. The selection should change every month, but you don’t need a new link, nor do you need to search your Google Play: go from the link we offer and you will enter the recommendations of the Google Play team. .

The page keeps changing to fit the current month (all July recommendations are currently on the first page). Google updates it every month and in a personalized way, in principle to highlight the quality of the new proposals.