It was one of those things that we had already resigned ourselves to, but a few months ago the rumor jumped and just a few days ago it was confirmed: the transfer of cats from iOS to Android is official. Well, we say it with a little mouth because, at the moment, it can only be done between the iPhone and some Android phones, especially the new Samsung folding, the Galaxy Z Flip3 and the Galaxy Z Fold3.

These days, we were testing the Galaxy Z Flip3, one of two phones that allows cats to switch from the iPhone (not the other way around). The process is done through WhatsApp for iPhone and Smart Switch, Samsung’s app for transferring data from other phones. We explain the process step by step.

How to Transfer Chats from iOS to Android Using Samsung Smart Switch

As we said, to be able to carry out the transfer, it is necessary to have a Samsung mobile because for the moment it is not available on other Android. In addition, it must be specifically a Galaxy Z Flip3 or Fold3. It is expected to reach over the mark soon, although we do not have any dates yet.

In addition to having a compatible mobile phone, we will need an updated Smart Switch, the application that comes standard on all the brand’s mobile phones and which is used to copy data from our old mobile ( or a new one). Of course, we have to have an iPhone with the latest version of WhatsApp and finally a USB-C to Lightning cable.

The first step is to open the Smart Switch on the Samsung mobile. Here we choose ‘Send data’ then ‘iPhone / iPad’. The application will ask you to connect the two mobiles via a cable. Do not unplug them until everything is finished. The second step is to select the data we want to copy. If, like us, you only want to copy WhatsApp, choose only apps and then select only WhatsApp. Click on Install.

At this point, Smart Switch will show us a QR code that we can scan directly with the iPhone’s camera. If that doesn’t work, open WhatsApp on the iPhone and go to Settings – Chats – Move chats to Android.

Click Start and the transfer will begin. In our case, it took a long time, although it depends on how many chats and files you have on your WhatsApp.

Once the transfer is complete, do nothing because the Smart Switch needs to organize the data. Here you can already use the mobile as it is done in the background, but do not unplug the cable as it will be interrupted. Now it only remains to configure WhatsApp on the Android mobile. Open the app and enter your phone number just like you would when setting up your account on a new mobile. The difference is that when we receive the verification SMS, instead of showing us if we have a backup in Drive, the screen to be seen on these lines will appear. The process takes a long time, so be patient.

And it would be. If you didn’t give an error (we gave an error the first time) and followed the steps, your WhatsApp chats should have moved from iPhone to Android mobile in its entirety.

Now we have to wait for this option to reach more mobiles to see how the process will go, as it will surely change and be done with different apps. If in Samsung this is done with Smart Switch, maybe in other Android it is done with Google Data Transfer Tool. What is clear is that it has nothing to do with the normal backup process with iCloud or Google Drive, but it wouldn’t be bad if there was a simpler system to do this transfer.