Huawei is in the process of updating a large part of its international mobile phones to the latest version of its layer, EMUI 12. The update will be officially carried out during the first half of 2022 and will range from the newest phones to some with more than four years from antiguaty.

Few companies have had to suffer setbacks as huge as the one Huawei has suffered since the US government applied a trade veto to the brand in May 2019. This restriction has ruined a large part of Huawei’s smartphone sales. , it also considerably slowed down its software developments. The company created HarmonyOS for its own devices, but hasn’t finished expanding internationally. To make up for this absence, Huawei will update its phones with EMUI 12, a layer that is already in development.

28 mobiles will receive EMUI 12

The new version of Huawei’s custom layer is based on Android 11 and offers a renewal of aesthetics, installed applications, the brand improves the way content is shared between different devices and offers a unified control center in the field. notifications with which to manage from the connections to the quick settings of the phone.

Huawei launched the beta of EMUI 12 at the end of last year to reach the latest Huawei Mate and Huawei P. This beta laid the groundwork for the definitive update which will gradually reach the 28 mobiles designated by the company to be able to update.

Mobiles compatible with the update to EMUI 12 are:

Mobile phones compatible with EMUI 12. Image by Huawei Consumer

The list of devices is confirmed for the Huawei property, also during the update period: it will be realized during the first season of 2022. first.

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