A few months ago, Amazon announced the arrival of ‘Conversation Mode’ on its devices with Alexa, benefiting from artificial intelligence to increase the level of interaction with the user. Now, it has recently confirmed its arrival at the Echo Show 10, the most advanced device in the lineup.

Repeating the “Alexa” command right before each sentence can be quite filling. Amazon wants to take the conversation to the next level in a much more natural and fluid way. This is why it introduced the operation of its “talk mode”, which eliminates the need to activate the speaker via the “Alexa” command.

How to activate this mode on Echo Show 10 devices

From Amazon, they ensure that to activate this mode, it will suffice to say to the speaker: “Alexa, join the conversation”. When this mode is activated, anyone in the room will be able to talk to Alexa without saying the magic word, simulating “one more person in the house”.

This option currently only affects the Echo Show 10. And for this mode to work properly, the user must stay within range of the device’s camera and watch the screen so that Alexa can initiate a conversation. From Amazon, they ensure that their technology will be able to function even when several people are interacting with Alexa, pausing even when interrupted.

To achieve this function, the team of scientists and engineers at Amazon has trained an artificial intelligence through 3D models that simulate when the device is paid or not, as in the audio part. Thanks to these types of signals, the technology is able to know when and how Alexa should respond.

Several ways to turn off the feature

For privacy reasons, this feature will only be enabled if we invite Alexa to the conversation using the command described above. You can deactivate this function by saying to quit the conversation, by deactivating the microphone or by closing the viewfinder of the camera. This mode will also turn off automatically if no conversation is detected within a short period of time.

When the function is activated, a dynamic blue border appears on the screen. From Amazon, they warn that conversations are saved and sent to the cloud with no image or video. We can review and delete these recordings in the “Alexa Privacy” section in the device settings.

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