Bin Laden’s son fled Afghanistan in October: UN

Terrorists of various organizations have been roaming freely in Afghanistan since the Taliban came to power.

Al-Qaeda’s current head al-Zawahiri reports poor health, plans to hire another

United Nations: The United Nations has released a report on the death of bin Laden. It claimed that bin Laden’s son had gone to Afghanistan in October and held meetings with Taliban militants.

Following these reports, there are fresh claims that a terrorist organization called Al Qaeda has become active again and is being supported by the Taliban. After the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan, many small and large terrorist organizations, including Al Qaeda and IMU, have started operating openly in the Indian subcontinent.

As a result, there is speculation whether the Taliban is planning to carry out a major operation with these terrorist organizations. The UN Security Council is monitoring allied terrorist organizations such as IS, the Taliban and al Qaeda. Keeping this in mind, a report has been released recently.

When the Taliban occupied Afghanistan, the process of releasing terrorists from prisons in Afghanistan was initiated, implying that the Taliban, being a terrorist organization, was helping other terrorist organizations.

After the Taliban occupied Afghanistan in August last year, Abdullah, the son of slain Taliban and al-Qaeda member Osama bin Laden, called a meeting in October.

It is not yet known what he will do after leaving office. However, the United Nations believes that he is in poor health and may now be assigned a new terrorist. At present, the terrorist organization AQIS is active in Afghanistan and about 200 of its terrorists are roaming freely in Afghanistan.