We know very little about the future generation of AirPods Max. Beyond rumors of a cheaper Sport version, we don’t have much more information. And yet, Apple is already researching, developing and patenting systems that we could see in future AirPods Max 2.

Goodbye digital crown. hi touch controls

As Patently Apple reports, the Cupertino company has filed a new patent on gesture processing on a touch surface. According to media reports, this is at least the fourth time that Apple has patented similar technology. A technology that, as we know from the current generation of headphones, has not reached this first version, but could well appear in a second.

“Apple’s patent abstract states that an electronic device includes: at least a first touch-sensitive surface; one or more processors; and a memory that stores one or more programs configured to be executed by the processor(s). The at least one program includes instructions for: detecting, on the at least first touch surface, a first gesture, comprising detecting an orientation of the first gesture relative to the touch surface, and in response to detecting the first gesture: in accordance with a determination that the electronic device is in a first device orientation and that the orientation of the first gesture corresponds to a first predetermined orientation, performing a first action”.

A clearly generic text, without ceasing to describe the solution, totally on purpose, but which allows us to glimpse a possible new way of interacting with our AirPods Max. While the patent does contain illustrations of other iPhone or iPad-like products, most of them, like the one we see below, are AirPods Max.

With the patent, Apple describes how the system would be able to detect the orientation of the gesture even if the headphones were upside down, or lying down, which could lead to different interpretations depending on our position.

In a 2020 interview, after the launch of the AirPods Max, Apple engineers acknowledged that they had tested and investigated the possibility of implementing touch controls on the AirPods Max, but in the end opted for it. for the Digital Crown. Although, as we always say, the patents do not always reach the final products, the truth is that the registration of this one indicates that Apple continued to study this possibility after the launch of the headphones.

For now, we can only wait for new patents or leaks. The AirPods Max don’t seem like very updated devices, so it might be a while before we see a second version. A version that, according to what we know so far, could add touch controls to support music in Lossless format in wireless transmission.

Picture | matte birch