If you want to get married in the air, then this airline company also facilitates, bus buses will have to pay extra dollars

Many people in the world dream of making love in the air. This dream can now be fulfilled in very little money. An airline company famous for its casinos in Los Angeles, USA has come up with a plan for a couple to make love and sex in the air. Not only this, your privacy will also be taken care of. You will have to pay 5 for this unique plan of 45 minutes.

The plane takes off from Las Vegas and doesn’t fly very far. The space inside the plane where the couple is covered with a special curtain. Not only this, the pilot must also have put on headphones so that he does not hear any sound from inside the aircraft. Also, the rule for the pilot is that he will always be in the cockpit. They will not be allowed to go with the couple.

American Love Cloud airline company has come up with this unique plan. The company says it is trying to save people’s marriages by offering sex over the air. This initiative is significant at a time when divorce cases are increasing in the society. Not only this, if you pay 1,1,195 then your marriage will be in the air. If you pay another hundred dollars, a romantic lunch or dinner will also be provided. If you want all three then you have to pay only 1,595.

Andy Johnson, 40, a pilot and founder of Love Cloud, says he also enjoys membership in the Mile High Club flight, which is extremely popular. “You come here with a smile and go back with a big smile,” he said.

The airline has taken 414 cess aircraft for this. Love Cloud bookings are primarily for couples, but can include groups of three to four people. It will cost ₹200 more per person.

Two carpets have been laid inside the plane to make the couple feel comfortable. Apart from this, there are many pillows which are all red in color.

There is a curtain that separates the pilot from the tourists. The bedding on the plane is thoroughly cleaned after each trip. If there is a plan for a romantic dinner, then instead of the carpet, table, chair and bar are made. No alcohol is served on the plane other than champagne.