On the Agenda for the week of October 29, 2017

On the Agenda features items on town committee and board meetings of interest to the Manomet, Pinehills and South Plymouth neighborhoods.

Monday, October 30

Planning Board, 7 p.m. at Plymouth North High School

  • Form A Plans: A4640 – Mirbeau at Pinehills, Clubhouse Drive, Map 77D, Lots A-245 and 10-541 – Lot line adjustment to create lots A-304 and 10-507;  A4641 – Pinehills LLC, Dawn’s Light and Shady Wood, Map 78B, 11-416, 11-419 thru 11-425, 11-433, A-283 and S-225 – Lot line adjustments to create lots 11-542 thru 11-546, A-303 and S-241
Wednesday, November 1

White Horse Beach Parking Committee, 6:30 p.m. at the Moose Lodge

Thursday, November 2

Entergy Working Group, 1 p.m., At 134 Court Street

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