Kabul, Sunday 15 August 2021

The Taliban have captured the city as soon as they enter Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. Ali Ahmed Jalali was on Sunday elected to head the new interim government.

Negotiations are underway at the Presidential Palace (ARG) in Afghanistan to transfer power to the Taliban. Kabul’s troubles were increasing after the Taliban came to power at that time. People are giving information about the latest situation here by posting different types of videos on social media.

line of vehicles on the road

A Twitter user named Obaidullah Rahimi Mashwani has posted the video. This shows the latest situation in Kabul. It can be seen in the video that there is a queue of vehicles on all the roads of the city. Due to which the traffic situation has worsened in the entire city. The Twitter user says he didn’t make the video, but it was on the streets of the city. During this, the situation seen in the video has been seen.

everyone is running

Masih Alinejad, an Iranian journalist and activist, posted a video of Sahara Karimi. In this video, Sahara is seen removing her mask for some time. Messiah Karimi tweeted with the video. The tweet said that the Taliban have entered the city. We are all running.

The tweet further states that this is not a scene from a horror film. This is the reality of Taliban. Just last week a film festival was organized in total and today everyone is running to save their lives. It is sad to see that people all over the world are not helping.

Capital Kabul right now, traffic blocked, everyone is in a hurry and rushing to their homes.#Kabul #Afghanistan pic.twitter.com/QqDXwUm5c7

— Obaidullah Rahimi Mashwani (@IamObaidRahimi) August 15, 2021