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After all, Hanshin and Teruaki Sato cannot be removed! 2 deaths in the 9th inning

That’s why the sign actor can’t rest. Hanshin Tigers Teruaki Sato infielder (21) hit a hitter in the 9th inning with 2 deaths in the 9th inning to chase 3 points in the DeNA game (Koshien) on the 12th, and called for a dramatic goodbye victory. ..

He lost one goal in the Giants match on the 10th, and lost the same card on the 11th. The zero march extended to 20 innings on this day due to a serious poor hit, but the big rookie changed the air. Teruaki Sato, who appeared as a pinch hitter with a big applause from the 9th inning, 2nd base, did not end with a face-to-face fan service. While being driven to a count of 0-2 with two balls by the closer Mishima, he carried it forward without going against the third ball’s internal angle fork.

For the first time on this day, the runner went to third base. The fierce tiger hitting line that caught fire was reversed from here with four consecutive timely hits of rage. Director Yano said, “I’m impressed. It was painful, but I think it’s everyone’s feelings.”

Teruaki Sato, who has become the flag of the team’s breakthrough with a heavy hit, seemed tired and could not get results at bat, but his presence is still unique. It seems difficult to decide to take it off the bench in the second half of the race as it is a complete rest.


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