Cairo, Ta. Tuesday 25 January 2022

Eight people were killed and several others injured in fighting outside a football stadium in Cameroon on Monday ahead of an Africa Cup of Nations match. A stampede broke out after a crowd tried to enter the Olembe Stadium in the capital Yaounde from the southern entrance to watch the game of host nation Comoros.

Although the stadium has a capacity of 60,000, the number of spectators has been limited due to the fear of coronavirus. Due to Corona, only 80 percent of the spectators were allowed to enter the stadium, about 50 thousand spectators tried to enter the stadium, after which a stampede broke out.

According to a preliminary report by the Ministry of Health, eight people have died and dozens have been injured. The ministry said the victims were taken in an ambulance. The mob reportedly crushed a child, although the infant was immediately pulled out and taken to Yonde General Hospital. At present his condition is stable.