A protester standing outside the White House said that he wants peace. Thousands of Osama bin Laden will be born if Taliban takes power

New Delhi Date. Monday, August 16, 2021

Amid the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan, Afghans living in the US protested outside the White House and raised slogans to call back Biden. He blamed President Biden for the situation in Afghanistan. Protesters also accused Biden of betrayal. “After 20 years, we are back in 2000,” the protesters said.

The Taliban have captured the whole of Afghanistan within 20 days of the withdrawal of US troops. US President Joe Biden announces withdrawal of US and NATO troops from Afghanistan after winning the election. “The Taliban’s dominance will increase after American troops leave Afghanistan, and today the whole of Afghanistan is under their control,” Biden said.

Thousands of Ladas will be born….

A protester standing outside the White House said he wanted peace. If the Taliban takes power, thousands of Osama bin Ladens will be born. Taliban will join hands with Pakistan and wreak havoc. “The Taliban are targeting women, everyone is targeting them,” said a female protester.

#watch | “Biden you betrayed us, Biden, you are responsible,” Afghan citizens protested outside the White House against the US President after the Afghan capital Kabul was toppled by the Taliban.

– ANI August 16, 2021