– Many Hindus have also offered to help them come to India

New Delhi Date. Wednesday, August 18, 2021

While locals are fleeing the country following the Taliban’s declaration of radical Islamic rule in Afghanistan, an Indian priest has refused to leave his temple even during the crisis.

Last Indian priest in Kabul refuses to return home

Pandit Rajesh Kumar, the priest of Ratan Nath temple in Kabul, said he would rather die at the hands of the Taliban than leave God. This statement of Pandit Rajesh Kumar was shared on social media with a Twitter handle.

In this he said that he had offered help from many Hindus to come to India. At the same time, he said, I will not leave this temple of my ancestors, my elders have served God in it for many years. I will not leave the temple. If Taliban kills me, I will consider it my (God’s) service.