Dehradun There is a debate around the world today about the internal situation in Afghanistan. How the radical Taliban defeated a legislative government and took over the entire country. Everywhere the talk is about how the country has moved towards ruin.

Dehradun is also not untouched by the concerns of the Taliban. Afghans living in Dehradun are also worried about the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan. Members of the fourth generation of the Afghan emperor in Rajpur, Dehradun have also helped the Indian government protect their families.

Sardar Mohammad Ali Khan, a member of the fourth generation of Afghan Emperor Dost Mohammad, who came to Dehradun from Afghanistan, met Chief Minister Pushkar Dhami and sought his help. He said there are reports of violence against women and children from all over Afghanistan, including Kabul.

He said that his family had moved to Dehradun at 19 after the Second Afghan War. Khan’s descendant Mohammad Ali Khan tells that during this time the Afghan Basmati reached Dehradun with the emperor and then stayed in Dehradun by living in the soil of Dehradun. The Bala Hisar estates in Dehradun and Mussoorie belong to the royal family. In Dehradun, the royal family also owned a large tract of land.

Chief Minister Pushkar Dhami assured Ali Khan that the Indian government was closely monitoring the situation. The Government of India is giving full help to the Afghans. India has close relations with Afghanistan. Hence, the Government of India is keeping a close watch on the entire development.