Taliban will get citizens who will help America

The data includes facial, eye, voice and fingerprint recognition of Afghan citizens.

Toronto: In 2007, the US military began scanning the faces, eyes and fingerprints of Afghan civilians to match their biometric data using a small handheld device.

The device, known as the Handheld Inter-Agency Identity Detection Equipment (HIDE), was developed by the US government to track the whereabouts of terrorists and most wanted criminals during the war in Afghanistan.

Over time, the system included all kinds of details, including data (names, addresses) of Afghan civilians helping US and Allied troops.

The device, known today as Hyde, contains biometrics, biometrics and previously collected data of all Afghan civilians assisting US and allied troops in Afghanistan, and currently denies possession of the system by the Taliban. has gone.

The report has rekindled a flurry of chatter between the US military and Afghan civilians, as in the coming days the Taliban will use the device to find and kill every civilian who helps US and allied troops go home.

what is biometric data

The biometric data collected by the US military contains all the information of Afghan nationals who help foreign lankys. This includes recognition of citizens’ faces, eyes, fingerprints and their voices.