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Advertise with the locally owned news source for Manomet and the Pine Hills
Often, online advertising can seem complicated. CPC, CPM, rotations, targeting. A small business owner has more important things to do than figure that out.
The Manomet Current keeps things simple. When you buy an ad, it runs. On every page, all the time.
What do you get? A website targeted to the fastest growing area in Plymouth. A website that gets 8,000 visitors a month. All at a very affordable price.

Call Matthew Nadler at 508-591-0724 or e-mail for more information.

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The fine print
All payment in advance. The Manomet Current accepts checks and credit cards.
Placement is on a first come, first serve basis unless otherwise indicated. All ads link to your business’ website.
The Manomet Current reserves the right to reject any advertisement it finds to be inappropriate.
Rates and rules are subject to change.

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