We have repeatedly talked about DTS Play-Fi, a multiroom audio standard with which we can send music to any room in the house that has a speaker or compatible audio equipment, with the highest quality, lossless and using a background WiFi network.

The protocol started out as a modest system to create some sort of background music in bedrooms, although its implementation was later announced on TVs and some brands such as Loewe, Hisense or Philips have already announced that they will join. the project with compatible televisions this year 2021..

Now, it was DTS itself that announced the arrival by the end of this 2021 of Play-Fi Home Theater, the final implementation of the standard designed so that we can assemble a home theater system without having to bend the sound cables across the room. and all this configurable from the TV itself and via a mobile application.

The idea is that, having a DTS Play-Fi compatible TV, we can assemble and make the following types of configurations to create our home theater set:

First, we can use the TV as the center channel and add two more stereo speakers that will work as front channels with a 3.0 set. We can also use the TV on its own or with two additional front speakers and two more rear channels that function as surround speakers. To all this we can add one or two external subwoofers which improve the response in the low frequencies. You can use Play-Fi to manage a multiroom sound system from the TV and even listen to content with headphones from a dedicated application on the mobile.

DTS Play-Fi will be able to adapt to the number of speakers we have installed, providing a modular option for users who can add more speakers as needed, provided they are compatible with the protocol of course.

At present, there are already more than 30 brands betting on this system which is expected to start working massively in the last quarter of 2021 and which will include self-powered individual speakers, a stereo, soundbars. , amplifiers, receivers and of course televisions. All this working without cables (except for the power cables), and using a WiFi network in the background.

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