Whether in theater, cinema or television: Herbert Köfer was an actor with a busy line-up in the GDR and also after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Even as a retiree, he never had time – like in his lead role.

Michendorf (dpa) – He was still on stage at almost 100 years old. Herbert Köfer, one of the GDR’s most famous and also successful actors after the fall of the Berlin Wall, died on Saturday at the age of 100. This was announced by his widow Heike Köfer at dpa.

Born in Berlin, he was on stage for around 80 years. He was a theater and film actor, presenter and voice actor. Especially in his starring role of grandfather Paul Schmidt in the GDR television series “Retirees Never Have Time” he put himself in the hearts of the public.

Work kept Köfer young

From the start, Köfer was a defining face on GDR television: in 1952 he read the first news there – in the “Current Camera”. He was also present for the last show on New Years Eve 1991. The mime has appeared in DEFA films such as “Nackt unter Wölfen” (1963) and after the fall of the Berlin Wall in popular television series such as “In Allerfreund “,” SOKO Leipzig “or” Ein starkes Team “.

“I live with each performance, each reading and each day that I play”, this is how he himself described his elixir of life, from which he drew strength and energy. Work keeps him young, he had stressed on several occasions.