Activists call for more security at Pilgrim Station

The main entrance to Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station.

The main entrance to Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station.

Two area organizations are pushing for changes in security at the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station.

Cape Downwinders and Pilgrim Watch filed a petition on Tuesday with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission calling for Pilgrim Station to be shut down until changes are made. The petition calls for manned checkpoints and visible surveillance of the plant grounds, according to a press release from the two groups.

The petition claims there have been 15 trespassing incidents since 2002. There have been three trespassing arrests at Pilgrim Station this month. Also included is an affidavit from  two Cape Downwinders members, Bill Mauer and Diane Turco, who describe walking onto the plant property after meeting with a news crew from WHDH-TV. In it they claim to have walked past no trespassing signs and two guards who “appeared to not notice (they) were not stopped nor questioned. The two state they entered the front building and asked for a tour.

In an e-mail to the Manomet Current earlier this week, Entergy Spokesman Jerry Nappi stated the company “takes security at the plant very seriously”  and regularly reviews security plans with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.  “Any incident of trespassing on Pilgrim’s property, whether intentional or accidental, is treated and managed with the same degree of caution as a potential threat,” he wrote.

“The welcome mat should not be out for intruders to come and go on Pilgrim’s property- it is after all a nuclear power plant.  Fortunately the 15 incidences the petitioners reported to the NRC were harmless; but what if they were well-trained terrorists or home-grown nuts like the Oklahoma bomber?” asked Pilgrim Watch’s Mary Lampert.

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