We are waiting for the arrival of the 24 to find out what Microsoft’s plans are and if it finally introduces Windows 11. And now, in addition to Windows 11 whose ISO has been leaked, ** allegedly leaked images of a mysterious edition appeared “Windows 11 SE” v.

Keep in mind that Windows 11, at least ISO filtered, has multiple versions such as Pro, Home, Education, and derivatives. The presence of a “Windows 11 SE” edition is a mystery, but nothing strange if we remember that Microsoft already used this terminology in the past.

The acronym SE is a mystery

We have to travel to the year 98 when Microsoft released Windows 98 SE, acronyms that referred to the second edition because it was an update to Windows 98 that had been on the market for some time. .

It was Twitter user @fakirmeditation who uncovered a series of notable aspects of the leaked version of Windows 11:

Requires users to have an online account. It does not allow installing apps from the Microsoft Store. Its Settings area is not the same as that of the “general” version of Windows 11.

This is Windows 11 SE, which appears to be a successor to Windows 10 Cloud Edition, which restricts a number of settings and apparently requires an online account (because offline account creation is interrupted in OOBE). pic.twitter.com/QMaz3vWRD2

– Sigma (@fakirmeditation) June 16, 2021

Not being able to access apps from the Microsoft Store is really striking as it would limit the use of the operating system. Remember that Windows 10 S what it did was the opposite, limit the installation of apps only to the Microsoft Store … and this case is the other way around.

Two hypotheses

There are two theories as to what these letters SE can mean, excluding a second edition. It can be a cloud-based Windows or a Windows with strong security.

This made us wonder if it could be a cloud version of Windows, nothing strange if we remember the release of the news related to Cloud PC and Windows 10 Cloud Edition, kind of Windows 10 which was running on the cloud Windows Virtual Desktop Platform.

At the moment, there is no information about this beyond the rumors spread by some American media that Windows 11 SE is this cloud version of Microsoft’s operating system.

The other possibility is that it is a hardened version of Windows, similar to Windows 10 S, designed to compete with Chrome OS in educational environments. A Windows with limited system requirements to strengthen its security, an idea in which Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet reaffirms herself on Twitter.

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