AssistiveTouch on iPhone is an accessibility feature that replaces gestures with buttons. It is possible that at some time you saw this virtual “ball” on an iPhone, when its owner has a broken Home button. There are also users who set up AssistiveTouch just to have certain actions on their device more at their fingertips.

How to Set Up AssistiveTouch on iPhone

As we said, AssistiveTouch is an iPhone tool that helps you perform certain actions by replacing gestures. To configure AssistiveTouch on the iPhone, we need to follow these steps:

On the iPhone we go to Settings > Accessibility. In the Physical and Motor Skills section, click Touch. We enable AssistiveTouch.

AssistiveTouch simplifies many effortless gestures that not everyone can do

From now on, we can invoke AssistiveTouch by pressing the power button on the iPhone three times. In doing so, we will see how a “ball” appears on the iPhone screen with several concentric circles. If we touch and hold it we can drag it anywhere, perfect if it bothers us in particular.

What you can do with AssistiveTouch on iPhone

This feature is very useful for people with some type of motor problem or disability. Sometimes performing on-screen gestures can be very complicated and it’s easier to go straight to a button. By default, we have six built-in functions:

Notifications: Show notifications so we can see them. Siri: Summon Apple’s virtual assistant. Home button: Takes you back to the device’s Home. Control center: pull down this menu to be able to control your device. Device: Here we will see controls to rotate the screen, lock it, control the volume or mute the device, as well as to turn off the iPhone and others. Customize: Actions such as pinch and rotate, long press, double press, and drag appear.

This menu can be customized to our liking, replacing these buttons with others that we consider more useful. Among them we can enter access to Apple Pay, Spotlight and even the shortcuts that we have installed.

The truth is that the customization possibilities are quite large. If at any point you get tired of this virtual “ball”, you can always press the power button three times and make it disappear. Curious detail, if you try to take a screenshot with this function active, it will disappear from the image.