A modification of WhatsApp hits hard in the APK download: The one known as WhatsApp Android with an iOS theme is a mod that quite faithfully mimics the look of the iPhone messaging app. Of course, in this aspect there are notable security and privacy risks.

The WhatsApp app is similar on Android and iPhone, although each has its own aesthetic appeal. With the official app, there is no way to change the design, but popular edits like GBWhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus do. And currently, a modified version of WhatsApp with an iOS theme is circulating, an application that endangers the mobile phones that install it. We have analyzed the APK to verify it.

A modified version of WhatsApp with an iOS theme

WhatsApp mod for Android with iOS theme (FOUAD iOS)

Maybe you have searched for the WhatsApp iOS app on Android and come across several APKs of dubious origin, and that’s exactly what happens: the official app cannot change the theme. Therefore, our recommendation is that you refrain from installing any messaging app that is not original, both because of the risk of getting infected with malware and because of the possibility that WhatsApp will end up blocking. your account.

The WhatsApp application for Android with the theme of iOS is based on the latest version of GBWhatsApp, an adaptation of some developers called “FouadMODS”. The mod is in version 9.05 (more precisely, FOUAD iOS), it includes a theme with an interface similar to that of the iPhone and, on the rebound, it installs a Trojan horse and a malware capable of injecting advertisements (malware ): this is revealed by the Total Virus scan. Additionally, the app asks for permission to install APKs, a mechanism that opens the door to downloading any malicious software (in theory, it’s about installing themes and plugins).

As we usually do whenever we talk about modified apps that handle very sensitive personal data, our recommendation is not to download any WhatsApp edits, whether or not it includes the iPhone theme. Certainly your account will not end up blocked (FouadMODS modifications incorporate various anti-blocking systems), but your mobile will probably end up being inundated with advertisements. All for an aesthetic aspect that also does not bring tangible benefits to WhatsApp (mods offer useful options).

Scan in Total Virus WhatsApp Android with iOS Theme

We tested the WhatsApp mod with the iOS theme and the look is very successful. However, our recommendation is not to install it: the risks that your mobile phone is infected, or that your account is put at risk, are high.