Making a political victory for Ukraine, Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Un Human Rights Council voted to establish a high-level interrogation into the violations committed. Despite Kyiv’s petitions for immediate measures to stop Russian missile attacks, NATO declined to enforce a no-fly territory over the war-torn country, a setback for the war-torn country.

Almost over thirty members of the United Nations 47-member Human Rights Council voted to demonstrate the highest-level investigation possible into alleged human rights violations in order to hold perpetrators accountable. Just Russia and Eritrea abstained from voting in favour of the resolution. The remaining representatives abstained, along with Russia’s key allies China, Venezuela, and Cuba.

The draught demanded a swift and irreversible withdrawal of Russian troops and Russian-backed militant groups from all of Ukraine’s region. Most importantly, Friday’s vote pave the way for the establishment of an independent and impartial commission of inquiry to probe all alleged violations and abuse of power in the perspective of Russia’s aggressive behavior against Ukraine

It calls for the consultation of three investigators to determine the acts, situational factors, and underlying causes of any such violations and abuses, as well as gather evidence with the goal of holding those collectively responsible.

After an emergency meeting of the military alliance’s foreign ministers, NATO Secretary General said that, the only way to accomplish a no-fly zone is to send NATO jet fighters into Ukraine’s airfields and then enforce that no-fly zone by trying to shoot down Russian planes. Unless we do that, we’ll end up with something that might turn into a full-fledged European war, that included many more countries and causing much more anguish.

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That’s why we have to make this difficult choice. As Russian military forces brought  heavier weapons systems and continue their attacks across the country. NATO warned that the days ahead are probable to be much worse, with more fatal injury, struggling, and destruction.

Statements for fake news are harsh. On Friday, Russian lawmakers decided to move to impose harsh prison sentences for publishing fake news about the army. Lower house of parliament said  in a statement that People who publish “willfully false information” about the military will face jail time and fines under the proposed laws. If the forgeries result in serious consequences, (the law) threatens imprisonment for up to 15 years. There were also alterations passed to fine or 

imprison people who advocated for sanctions against Russia. In Russia, there has been an unexpected crackdown on reflective and unbiased voices over the last year which has only gotten worse since the invasion.