Manomet couple charged with dealing heroin

<p>&#0160;&#0160;&#0160;&#0160;A Strand Avenue couple=

were arrested Tuesday night for allegedly dealing heroin out of their hous=


<p>&#0160;&#0160;&#0160;&#0160;According to Capt. Joh=

n Rogers, detectives searched the home of Johnathan Balutis-Brown, 22, and =

Ashley Eaton, 20. They reportedly found heroin, Xanax and Ibuprofen. The am=

ount of the latter was in quantities that can only be sold by prescription.=


<p>Rogers said the raid took place after an investigation that lasted=

several weeks.</p>

<p>Both are charged with possession of a class A substance with inten=

t to distribute, possession of a class A substance, conspiracy to violate c=

ontrolled substances laws and committing a drug violation near a school or =

park. The Leap Frog Preschool is located nearby.</p>

<p>Eaton is also charged with possession of class C and class E subst=

ances for the prescription medications.</p>

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