Only two monoclonal elixir against the beta version

New corona variants pass through vaccine-making antibodies

London: England’s Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty says that 98 new cases of corona in the country are no longer a matter of concern as they are delta variants. It is now becoming a variant of the normal corona itself.

The virus has spread to 90 countries and is 50 percent more contagious than the alpha version. It is also important to understand how effective the corona vaccines are against new cases of the delta variant. According to a study by the Pasteur Institute in France, the delta variant has relatively little effect on the corona vaccine.

The researchers examined the effects of monoclonal antibodies on different virus forms. They found that all four monoclones are elixir against the alpha variant. Of the four monoclonals, only three were effective on the delta variant. Whereas only two monoclonals were found to be effective against beta variants.

People who were previously infected with corona and who had taken corona vaccines had increased levels of effective antibodies against all three types. A single dose of the corona vaccine was found to be sufficient to increase antibodies against the delta variant.

However, a single dose of the corona vaccine has not been shown to be effective against the delta variant in people who have not been previously infected. Even in France, the level of antibodies to the delta variant was not high enough for ten weeks after vaccination. However this shows that our corona vaccines are still effective against different forms.