After hours and hours in front of the Mac, the force, even a little, to press on the trackpad to click can end up tiring. This, day after day, has a cumulative effect that we can hopefully resolve with a single adjustment.

Touch-to-click convenience

The trackpad on our Macs is pressure sensitive. There are different degrees of pressure, the simple swipe or tap on the screen, loose, soft click and hard click. By default, to click, we must use the intermediate click, that is, press lightly on the Trackpad.

This setting is intended to prevent us from accidentally clicking on something, but it can also cause some fatigue after hours of clicking on the computer. With this in mind, Apple offers us the Touch to click option, with which we will click without having to press the Trackpad, as we would on our iPhone or iPad.

Enabling this option is very simple. The steps to follow are:

From the Apple () menu, we choose System Preferences. We enter Trackpad. We go to the Point and Click tab, the first. We enable touch to click.

Now a single press on the trackpad, just like on the iPhone or iPad screen, will be interpreted as a click, so we won’t need to press harder unless we want to drag a element, for example.

It is clear that each of us has a different way of using our Mac, there are problems like the use of the trackpad, the mouse, the buttons and others which are very personal, but surely, especially if we pass 10 hours in front of the Mac, we’ll be grateful we don’t have to press hard to click.

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