As recently as yesterday, news of a possible increase in the size of the Apple Watch Series 7 has gone from 40 and 44 millimeters to 41 and 45. Now a second leak is trying to “confirm” this change via different sources. Information that we must continue to take with some caution, but which has become much more credible.

A strap for a 45mm Apple Watch

Today’s leak comes from the famous DuanRui who, although he failed in some of his predictions, was correct in several others. The leaker posted an image to Twitter showing a photo of an Apple Watch band tagged with 45MM.

Due to the color and texture, it must be the leather strap made by Apple itself. It can certainly be a manipulated image, but the truth is, we have no reason to believe that Apple won’t increase the size of the future Apple Watch.

As we discussed yesterday, if Apple is planning to change the size of Apple Watch cases now, with the supposed design change, this is one of the best times. On the other hand, Mark Gurman said last June that the new watches will arrive with a larger screen and fewer bezels, which means Apple may well increase the screen size without increasing the physical size of the watch. .

We all hope that the new Apple Watch will be presented alongside the iPhone 13 in a few weeks. Concretely, we would speak of a keynote on September 13 or 14. With this, the wait to see if our watches will increase in size should be short.