The chip that the iPhone 13 should carry, provisionally called the A15, will have the same 5nm as the A14 and therefore its improvements should not be spectacular. Not spectacular, but interesting: A GPU-centric benchmark leak appears to show a slight improvement in iPhone 13 performance.

IPhone 13 will push 5nm to the limit

The benchmark in particular is the Manhattan 3.1, which on the iPhone 12 / Chip A14 gives an average of 170.7 frames per second or fps. In the supposed A15 chip, this test would give 198 fps, which is an improvement of almost 14%:

Apple A15 GPU peak benchmark test
Manhattan 3.1: 198 FPS (July unit sample)
However, after the second round of testing, the limitation starts and drops to 140 ~ 150FPS.


– Tron ❂ (@FrontTron) September 6, 2021

Apparently, the device activates the limitations after a series of tests in which the chip has been fully charged, and to prevent overheating, the fps drop to 140-150. How this limitation behaves in real life remains to be seen, but generally moderate improvement is appreciated. For more performance it will be necessary to wait to further reduce the size of the transistors.

We’re probably not going to notice too much of these improvements over the iPhone 12. The extra performance margin will likely apply to improved camera image processing and more demanding video and gaming performance. The stake revolves around an event on the 14th to see this iPhone 13, so … invitations tomorrow? I’m not betting anything, but I think it’s very likely.