The NitroPhone 1 is a phone sold as “the safest Android on the planet”, which is what the brand that sells it guarantees. This is a Google Pixel 4a modified with GrapheneOS, the “baked” Android that does without all the unnecessary software to include only the basics. The NitroPhone 1 is on sale now and is worth almost twice as much as the original Pixel.

Privacy and security in the field of mobile phones are increasingly questioned due to constant data leaks and all the information left behind by service providers, including owners of operating systems. There are options to protect privacy as much as possible, such as using GrapheneOS, the most secure and private Android ROM. That installing a ROM is a problem? Well, there is the option of purchasing a NitroPhone 1.

NitroPhone 1, the business of reselling a modified mobile

Nitrophone 1. Image Nitrokey

Installing a ROM on an Android phone is an option that most devices have, at least as long as they have the ability to unlock their bootloader. Google allows such unlocking, it’s also moderately easy to modify a Pixel just by installing a ROM. And of all those available, GrapheneOS has won the recognition of being the most secure and the most private, not in vain that it eliminates from the software all applications capable of filtering data.

Nitrokey is a German security company that offers various devices for those who want to protect their technology as much as possible for everyday use. The company sells security keys to protect user e-mails from computer hard drives. And recently he stepped into the secure Android business by marketing his own phone, a modified Google Pixel 4a.

The NitroPhone 1 is a Google Pixel 4a modified with GrapheneOS. This software does without Google applications and all AOSP Android applications that may share data. Therefore, the phone maximizes security and privacy; including protection for entering the PIN code, automatic shutdown when the mobile is not in use, protected navigation applications and more. It is even possible to order the NitroPhone 1 (Google Pixel 4a) without the microphones, as Edward Snowden would have liked.

Selling an inflated Google Pixel 4a to install GrapheneOS on it is relatively common

Buying a modified mobile is never a good idea: apart from the supplement for something that is not very complicated to do (installing a ROM), we will never be completely sure if the mobile has been modified only with the aforementioned firmware . Also, the original warranty of the phone is lost, so we will not be able to claim the manufacturer of the phone, only the person who sold it.

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