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A new species discovered in China, the fossil footprint of a carnivorous dinosaur was named “Nobita” (page 1/3)

The fossil footprint of a new kind of carnivorous dinosaur found in Sichuan, China, was named after the character “Nobita” from “Doraemon”. Its name is “Eubrontes Novitai”. It is said that the Chinese researcher who discovered this new species was a big Doraemon fan.

In July 2021, the Dinosaur Footprint Research Team at the Geological University of China (Beijing) published a paper on “Eubrontes Novitai, a new species of early Cretaceous footprint fossils in Sichuan, China.” The last “Nobita” part of the dinosaur name comes from Doraemon’s “Nobita”.

This precious fossil was discovered in Sichuan, China in July 2020. After the torrential rain that hit Sichuan, four footprints were found on the flipped plate-shaped rock. Associate Professor Shin of the Chinese Geological University (Beijing) and others investigated the footprints in detail and found that it was a new species of the carnivorous dinosaur Eubrontes. It came to the naming.

Associate Professor Shin was born in 1982 and is 39 years old. A fan of “Doraemon” since childhood, Nobita became a new kind of dinosaur in “Movie Doraemon Nobita’s New Dinosaur” (released in August 2020 in Japan) released in China in December 2020. He heard that he gave the name Nobita to this dinosaur. The scientific name is basically spelled out in Latin grammar, and was named Eubrontes nobitai by adding the suffix “i” to indicate the person’s name.


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