With the launch of the iPhone 12, Apple made the decision to no longer include EarPods, the company’s wired headphones, in the iPhone box. The measure came into force worldwide except in France, where a very specific law prevented this step. Something that will change from today.

From health to the environment

The reason iPhone cases sold in France have continued to include headphones is because of a French law that aims to protect its citizens from radio frequencies emitted by phones. Naturally, iPhones already use their proximity sensor to reduce the power of their antennas when we bring them closer to our heads, but in France the law has gone further.

Local laws required that phones be sold with headsets to reduce RF exposure. This law has changed and given way to another, aimed at reducing the electronic waste generated.

A law aimed at reducing RF exposure is replaced by another aimed at reducing electronic waste.

As they are collected in Consomac (via 9to5mac), Apple would have already notified its official resellers, although it has not yet updated the information on the web. The measure comes into force today, so we should soon see how French iPhones have the same packaging and accessories as those in other countries.

“A new law aimed at reducing the environmental footprint of digital removes this obligation and therefore Apple will stop supplying the iPhone in double boxes, which allowed it to add the headphones to the classic packaging.” “Apple has not yet communicated on the problem on its site, but the official resellers have been informed. Fnac has thus started to warn its customers in its stores, and so we can know that the headphones will be removed” from the week of January 24. , 2022.

When the move went public with the launch of the iPhone 12, there was a big stir around the decision. Part of the fuss came from one of the reasons the company says led to the elimination of these headphones: the environment. We may more or less agree with the company’s decision, but the truth is that the new French law agrees with Apple.

The inclusion of EarPods in the iPhone box eventually results in many of them ending up in a drawer, perhaps because the iPhone user prefers to use AirPods 3 or because that he simply prefers another type of headphones. However, France, the last country in which Apple officially markets the iPhone, gives way to the packaging of the phones, it is only the iPhone in question and the connection cable for charging.

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