MIUI, whether in its version 12 or the latest, MIUI 13, comes with features that many times are not too easy to find. This is the case of floating windows, an option that becomes more visible with MIUI 13 but, while it arrives, we can take advantage of it in MIUI 12 by taking a few steps.

By creating floating windows, we can use applications without them taking up the entire screen, which is especially useful with messaging applications, in case we want to leave a chat open but continue using another application at the same time. time.

So you can create floating windows in MIUI 13

Floating apps are a different concept from split-screen apps. With apps in this mode, we have the screen split in two, with two identical parts for each app. However, the floating windows can be moved as we wish on the screen, to place them in the desired area.

With MIUI 13, just swipe up on the small sidebar to display the menu of apps that support split window. You just need to click on one of them to start using them. It is a very fast process, but in MIUI 12 we can also do it.

And so you can create floating windows in MIUI 12

In some versions of MIUI 12.5 you will be able to summon floating windows with the sidebar, but if not, we will show you a method that works on all Xiaomi with MIUI 12. It’s a bit more hidden, but it’s quite easy.

Open the multitasking of your Xiaomi Leave the app pressed Tap the floating window icon

Ready. It should be remembered that not all applications are compatible with the floating window, but some important ones are, such as WhatsApp or Telegram. If you want the window to snap back into place, simply drag its top or bottom corner to the bottom or top edge of your screen.