New Delhi, 30 July 2021, Friday

The US space agency NASA claims that the International Space Station, the home of astronauts in space, went out of control for 45 minutes.

According to NASA, a Russian research module was deployed to the International Space Station on Thursday and suddenly it had the opposite effect. As a result, the International Space Station dropped out of orbit. There were seven astronauts on board at the time. There were two Russians, three Americans, one Japanese and one French astronaut.

NASA was shocked to hear the news of the incident. NASA’s control room team managed to get the space station back into orbit with the help of control thrusters. However, NASA had no control over the space station for 45 minutes.

The investigation revealed that the Russian research module had a technical fault and was turned upside down. Its jet thrusters automatically activated and pushed the International Space Station out of NASA’s control.

A few hours after the incident, a space capsule was to be launched from NASA, which was to be sent to connect with the International Space Station. However, its launch has been stopped after this incident. Now it will be launched on 3 August.