After several years without appearing on the Android tablet market, Xiaomi has recently decided to come back in style with the new Xiaomi Pad 5. The first tablet in the Chinese giant’s catalog that does not bear the ‘Mi’ surname and which has to incorporate a stylus to compete with other market giants.

Until now, the Xiaomi Pad 5 was evolving at quite attractive prices but today it is in a really tempting position on Amazon. The Chinese firm’s tablet is close to its historical minimum price, which was only 3 euros below its current price. At Amazon you can buy it today, and better hurry before it is sold out, for 353.25 euros, and even cheaper at PcComponentes, 353.01 euros.

The perfect time to buy a good tablet

With the Xiaomi Pad 5 we get an 11-inch IPS LCD screen with WQHD+ resolution and 120Hz refresh rate, fantastic quality for getting the most out of Android games, which, in fact, is one strengths of the device created by the brand. At the controls we have a Snapdragon 860, a kind of “second-tier” high-end processor that isn’t really one, and that wastes power.

In addition to all this, we have four speakers to achieve stereophonic sound and capable of processing Dolby Atmos sound, in addition to offering Hi-Res sound. If we add to this that it is also compatible with the Xiaomi Smart Pen, although it is not included in the package, we get a very powerful tablet, ideal for games and which can work perfectly as a productivity device. A portable desk for “gaming”.

As we mentioned, the Xiaomi Pad 5 is dropped on PcComponentes and Amazon at a fabulous price, with free shipping on Amazon if we are Prime customers, and with delivery in around 5-10 days. A really low price and which is very close to the 350 euros that it reached a few weeks ago. An ideal time to get it if you were expecting a good offer.

Xiaomi Pad 5 – 11″ tablet (Wi-Fi, 120 Hz 2K+ screen, 128 GB internal memory, 6 GB RAM, 8720 mAh battery)