Wyze is a brand dedicated to the manufacture of smart devices for the connected home and its catalog includes IP cameras. The increasingly popular devices, now one of its flagship models, the Wyze Cam v1, are no longer supported and the company warns that it won’t be safe to use them.

Surveillance cameras are increasingly common systems in our homes and places of work and leisure. A method with which to always have under control that the popular Wyze Cam v1. Since February 1, he has had no support and they are notifying him through an email.

Make the jump to a current model

The Wyze Cam v1 was a very popular surveillance camera, because not in vain for its price, around 20 euros, it offered quite interesting features. A model that became a commercial success since, in addition to being a cheap camera, it did not require a subscription to access according to its functions, which was necessary in competing models.

Now, after five years of life, the manufacturer announces that it stops providing support and does so by sending an email to users. A movement that coincides with the announcement of a subscription to access functions such as that which allows, for example, the detection of people thanks to AI.

“Wyze will no longer monitor and fix security vulnerabilities in new products. Use of Wyze Cam v1 after February 1, 2022 poses an increased risk, is not recommended by Wyze, and for this the customer in takes responsibility.”

The popular camera will no longer receive updates, security or new features. In addition, since it will not have patches for possible vulnerabilities, the company advises to continue using it under the responsibility of the user. A moment to suggest without doing so a modification to a current model?

Wyze Cam v1 cannot support our necessary security updates, so we had to make the difficult decision to stop offering them support. We’re really sorry about that!

They will continue to function if you continue to use them, but you do so at your own risk and without assistance.

— Wyze  (@WyzeCam) January 27, 2022

To this end, the brand is offering a $3 discount for the purchase of a new Wyze Cam from a catalog in which the Wyze Cam v3 was already found for around $40.

Five-year support, something that isn’t bad at all in the tech industry, Apple aside. However, there are things that could be done better and this is a good example, especially for cases where a user has to change different cameras around the house and for which there are already complaints on social networks.

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