Video of incident in Sindh province goes viral

slapped the young man and asked him to speak during my tenure

ISLAMABAD: Police in Pakistan have arrested a man for forcing a Hindu man to speak in a temple. The police became active after a video of the entire incident went viral on social media.

Abdul Salim slapped a young man named Mukesh Bhil, a resident of Sindh province, in the temple and asked him to say a word forcibly. The video of the entire incident is going viral on social media.

Shrutnik Mithi police immediately activated and traced the slapper and arrested him. It can also be seen in the video that Muslim youths also forced Hindu youths to say Allahu Akbar. After the entire incident, the Sindh government itself took action and the police had to order action.

Police had registered a case against Muslim youth Abdul under Pakistan Penal Code. He has also been accused of harming Hinduism. The police itself became the complainant in the whole matter and action has been taken.