The AirDrop file transfer system is one of the key points of the Apple ecosystem: very fast and comfortable, all with just a few clicks. On Android, we have alternatives like Nearby Share (not yet working on all Android), but there is still no real alternative that works on the same level as AirDrop.

Fortunately, there are more quality alternatives, such as Snapdrop. It is a free alternative to AirDrop, compatible with Windows and Mac, and which allows us to send files very quickly from mobile to mobile, from mobile to PC and from PC to mobile.

Snapdrop is the closest thing to AirDrop right now

To use Snapdrop, it is necessary to download the application on our Android mobile and visit on our PC, Windows or macOS. If you like it and are going to use it a lot, you can install it as a PWA. The service works spectacularly, and we don’t have to configure anything: if the devices are on the same WiFi network, they will be recognized.

The operation is very similar to AirDrop, so we just have to open the application, select the files we want to send and, voila, we will receive them on the PC. The same procedure works in reverse: we can open Snapdrop on the PC, drag any file and it will be sent to our Android phone.

Snapdrop works with multiple devices at the same time, so you can share files between all your devices

It also stands out that it can work simultaneously with multiple devices. In other words, if you want to send a file from the PC to two mobiles, or from a mobile to two PCs, you can do so. Snapdrop only requires devices to be connected to the same network.