The fourth beta of Android 12 is already with us and, among its novelties, its Easter Egg is finally arriving. This had been disclosed in July, but it was not accessible to users who had installed the ROM on their compatible mobile. With the latest version this is changing and we can now access it.

We’re going to walk you through what this Easter Egg looks like, which coincides with what was filtered out just under a month ago, and how to access it. Android 12 in its final version is closer than ever, and this little Easter egg is proof of that.

Android 12 already has an Easter Egg

To date, the Android 12 Easter Egg was only known through a leak. It featured a watch based on the Material You design line. Unlike other generations, there is no kind of game or anything too convoluted here: the Easter egg is a clock.

The fourth beta is the starting gun for Android 12 Easter Egg: it can now be seen from the phone settings

From the fourth beta of Android 12, we can already access the Easter egg. As has been done traditionally on Android, these are the steps we need to take to take advantage of it.

Open the settings Go to ‘Phone information’ Click on ‘Android version’ In the new menu, quickly and repeatedly press ‘Android version’.

The clock, by default, will mark the current time, but we can move the hands as we like. Also, the hour hand itself will be the same color as our theme, so it fits perfectly with Material You automatic themes.