In Paris, police eliminate 500 vehicles of demonstrations, 200

Protesters refuse to lift siege of Ambassador Bridge in Windsor: Protesters in mood to fight Canadian government

Ontario: Opposing Corona’s restrictions in Canada, an Ontario Superior Court judge has ordered the end of a five-day siege on the Ambassador Bridge in Windsor connecting the US-Canada border.

Protesters blocked the Ambassador’s Bridge connecting the Canadian city of Windsor and the US city of Detroit, forcing the auto industry in both countries to cut production.

Ontario Superior Court Chief Justice Geoffrey Moravetz ordered a four-and-a-half-hour virtual hearing, ordering protesters to leave by 7 p.m. Windsor Police immediately issued a warning that road blockers would be arrested and their vehicle confiscated.

When the news reached the protesters at Ambassador Bridge, one of them addressed the protesters with a microphone in his hand, saying, “Do you want to continue the protest or leave?” Protesters began singing Canada’s national anthem and called for the demonstrations to continue to thunderous applause.

Starting Monday, pickup truck drivers have closed the Ambassador Bridge, which connects Windsor and Detroit. Thousands of protesters have also been camping in Ottawa for a fortnight. Protesters also blocked traffic on the other two borders, Alberta and Manitoba.

The federal, provincial and local governments took joint action to break this independence convoy. Prime Minister Trudeau said this illegal activity must end and it will stop, “We have listened to you and everything is clear now.”

On Friday, Ontario Premier Doug Ford declared a state of emergency and threatened to impose heavy fines for obstructing the movement of goods and people. Ford said blocking critical infrastructure was illegal and violators could face up to a year in prison and a 100,000 fine.

In addition, personal and commercial licenses of those who do not comply with the rules will be taken away, the premier’s office said. On the other hand, people going to Paris to demonstrate in Paris have taken strict action on the success of Canadian trucks in France.

Police stopped some 500 vehicles entering Paris on Saturday evening. The police issued tickets to 200 drivers by closing the main roads of the city. The police confiscated the knife and hammer by drowning the two judges. 7000 police officers were killed in Paris.