So far a total of 43 lakh children have been infected with corona.

Canada extends ban on direct flights from India till September 21

Corona Delta variant fatal in Louisiana, Florida and Arkansas

WASHINGTON: An average of 100,000 cases a day have been reported in the United States over the past three days, of which 15 percent have been reported in children, raising concerns in the government. A study by the American Academy of Pediatrics-AAP found that 94,000 children were treated for corona infection in the past week.

However, the number of children admitted for hospital treatment is less than two percent and the death toll is very low.

At present, 60 percent children above the age of 12 years have been given both doses of corona vaccine and 70 percent children have been given one dose of corona vaccine. The Pfizer vaccine is approved in the United States for use in children older than 12 years of age. According to the Center for Disease Control, teenagers between the ages of five and 15 are more likely to be victims of corona.

Meanwhile, the corona epidemic has spread to Louisiana, Florida and Arkansas. The death toll in Arkansas has increased by 18 percent in the past week. Due to the increase in the number of corona cases in the country, the maximum increase of 40 percent has been seen in the hospitalization in six months.

Most public events have been canceled due to the pandemic. The number of hospitalizations in Florida has increased for eight consecutive days. Meanwhile, Canadian Transport Minister Omar Alghabara tweeted that the ban on direct flights from India to Canada has been extended till September 21.

This news is shocking for the students going to Canada to study in Gujarat. Currently, Canadian tickets are also becoming more expensive due to the lack of direct flights, which has strained their budget. Meanwhile, the World Health Organization said that three drugs are being developed to prevent the death of corona patients undergoing treatment in the hospital.

These three drugs include the malaria drug artesunate, the cancer drug imatinib and inflixinib. The effect of these drugs on the immune system is currently being investigated. A group of experts has recommended the continuation of a policy of strict lockdown in New Zealand with a population of 50 million, as 26 people have died in the corona epidemic so far.

The head of the group, epidemiologist David Skegg, said it was possible to continue the strategy even after more people came from outside. Lifestyle in New Zealand has not been affected by the corona epidemic, as people in Britain and America are now accepting to live with the corona virus. For this strategy to be successful, the borders should be kept closed for at least six months.