New Delhi, July 29, 2021, Thursday

In Pakistan, 40 lakh cows worth Rs 300 billion have been sacrificed on the occasion of It-ul-Azha.

A total of 9 million cattle worth Rs 400 billion were sacrificed on the occasion of Eid. According to leather exporters, more animals have been sacrificed this year than last year.

Due to Corona, a large number of Pakistanis have not been able to go to Haj this year, due to which the number of casualties has increased.

According to media reports, animals worth 1.5 billion were sacrificed in Pakistan last year. This time 80 to 90 lakh animals have been sacrificed. In which cows, goats, camels are included. The number of animals for sacrifice also increased due to people not being able to go on Hajj.

According to leather trader Danish Khan, 30 to 40 lakh cows have been sacrificed this time. Pakistan exports 25 billion worth of leather every year, and the leather industry accounts for 20 to 30 percent of the animal hides after Eid sacrifices.