Polk Audio has announced the launch of a new line of speakers for mounting a home theater system or stereo music set. This is the Monitor XT series, with Hi-Res Audio and Dolby Atmos certifications which represent the evolution of its previous Monitor range with an orientation more towards multi-channel home cinema.

The range of passive speakers consists of a wide variety of models with which the brand tries to meet the needs of almost all types of users. This one offers two tower models (XT60 and XT70), two center channels (XT30 and XT35), two more bookshelf speakers (XT15 and XT20) and a huge 12-inch self-powered subwoofer (XT12).

Todos están fabricados con caja acústica de madera de densidad media y acabados en color negro, montando el mismo tipo de drivers y filtros pasivos para ofrecer un timbre sonoro similar permitiéndonos instalar diferentes configuraciones y combinaciones de altavoces a la hora de montar nuestro sistema de cine en House.

The impedances vary between 4 and 8 ohms, the manufacturer having chosen to integrate dome tweeters capable of reproducing sounds above 40 KHz. Dynamically balanced type woofers have also been used with passive radiators which, in theory, should achieve a more stable low frequency response without losing punch and with quick transitions.

In the event that one plans to mount a home cinema system for the reproduction of Dolby Atmos, DTS: X and Auro 3D tracks, the Monitor XT range also includes the possibility of acquiring the MXT90 height speakers which are designed to be coupled to the XT20, XT60 and XT70 monitors or directly screwed to the wall, thus offering a more complete soundstage with this type of surround audio content.

As for the Monitor XT12 subwoofer, its 12-inch speaker promises to offer a large aspect ratio to go smoothly down to 24 Hz, all with a power of 100 watts RMS provided by a class A / B and with RCA and LFE analog inputs. It will also feature an adjustable filter, volume and polarity control.

Pricing and availability

Polk Audio’s new Monitor XT speaker line will go on sale this week on the manufacturer’s website and later through the rest of the authorized distributors at published dollar prices for now which are as follows:

XT12 Subwoofer – $ 299 each XT15 Bookshelf Monitor – $ 149 per pair XT20 Bookshelf Monitor – $ 249 per pair XT30 Center Channel – $ 149 each XT35 Center Channel – $ 249 each XT60 Tower – $ 199 each XT70 Tower – 299 dollars each Surround XT90 Speaker – $ 149 per pair

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