Amir Liaquat Hussain, the MP of Pakistan’s ruling party PTI, married a 19-year-old girl for the third time. The incident went viral on the social media of Pakistan. A romantic video of both of them also became very viral. Memes of Pakistani MPs have also gone viral.
9-year-old Pakistani MP Amir Liaquat Hussain married 19-year-old girl Saida Anwar for the third time. The second marriage took place on the same day the MP announced his divorce from his second wife. The MP was married to Pakistani actress Tuba. The 7-year-old MP married a very beautiful girl and his memes became very viral on Pakistani social media. The Pakistani MP has a daughter of the same age with whom he married. People tagged his daughter on Instagram and posted it. After that the MP’s daughter Dua wrote that if you do not comment about my family, then thank you all. This account is for my art and worth discussing. His displeasure was also reflected in his tone that his father had married a 16-year-old girl.
On the other hand, the pair became very popular in Pakistan. A romantic video of both of them went viral. In which the bride wrote that we are now ready for marriage. After this he posted a video this morning. In the video, he performed live from his new home in Karachi in the morning. Both also give interviews in a video. In which the bride claims that she had fallen in love with the MP from adolescence.
These memes had gone viral on social media that a 6-year-old MP has married a 19-year-old girl. People wrote to Salman Khan sadly that this is an incident where a graduate does not get a job and a retired person is given a huge salary.
Many people have seen only three videos of the MP and his bride Saeeda. Both have gained immense popularity.