The arrival of connected speakers, also known as smart speakers, has opened up a wide range of options for users. Whether with Google Assistant, Alexa or Siri (these are the most popular), you can use voice commands to perform many actions. In the case of the Apple HomePod or the HomePod mini we find a great variety of them and we are going to review the most popular.

We can combine the use of Siri, without having to carry the mobile nearby and ask it to perform different tasks on our HomePods or through our HomePods. And to try to help you know the most useful, at least I considered them, here is a list with 53 instructions for using Siri with the HomePod or HomePod mini. > > Put your text here…

ask for music

The HomePod is above all a speaker and you can take advantage of it to play music. Limited to Apple Music, not Spotify or Tidal, you can make any music request to Siri on the HomePod. Just say “Hey Siri” and the command you want.

Hey Siri, put on some music. Hey Siri, pause. Hey Siri, play XXX playlist Hey Siri, skip this song. Hey Siri, skip forward 30 seconds. Hey Siri, go back 10 seconds. Hey Siri, play the previous song. Hey Siri, volume up/down, turn it up a notch, to max, or even by percentages. Hey Siri, repeat this song. Hey Siri, play the song… (whatever song you want). Hey Siri, I like/dislike this (which will improve Apple Music recommendations). Hey Siri, what song is this? Hey Siri, what was the name of the last song? Hey Siri, who sings this? Hey Siri, who is the drummer for this song? Hey Siri, what year is this song/album from? Hey Siri, how many songs are on this album? Hey Siri, play more songs of this style. Hey Siri, after this song, play… Hey Siri, play some… (group music). Hey Siri, tell me about this band/artist. Hey Siri, play the live version of this song. Hey Siri, listen to the Essentials, Next Steps and Deep Cuts (select Apple Music albums) from… Hey Siri, listen to the podcast from… / Subscribe to this podcast.

For the connected home

We can use the HomePod as a connected home control center. To achieve this, it will be necessary to have accessories compatible with HomeKit, Apple’s platform for the smart home, and thus be able to control them by Siri and even create scenes in which several of them interact. According to the “smart devices” at home, these are among the most interesting, as always, preceded by a “Hey Siri”.

Hey Siri, turn the lights on/off. Hey Siri, roll up the blinds. Hey Siri, close the doors. Hey Siri, turn up the heat. Hey Siri, turn on the Hey Siri TV, turn off the Hey Siri TV, set the temperature to 20 degrees. Hey Siri, set the downstairs lights to 50%? Hey Siri, turn on the lights in (a room) Hey Siri, turn on the lights in the bedroom blue. Hey Siri, turn on the lights at sunset. Hey Siri, the light is off in (whatever room…)

We can create a scene in the “Home” app where, for example, when you say “Hello”, a soft light comes on, the blinds go up and a music list starts playing. The limit is in the imagination.

Information and news

We can combine Siri with the HomePod to inform us of the most important news and headlines of the day. Whether it’s news, sports, society… Siri is there to get us.

Hey Siri, play the latest news Hey Siri, when is (a sports team) playing Hey Siri, give me the latest sports news. Hey Siri, what’s the next Champions League game? Hey Siri, how’s the stock today? Hey Siri, good afternoon (or good morning or good night)

Calendar management

We can also use Siri and the HomePod to configure our calendar or establish contact with the people we have stored among the contacts, either by SMS, call or FaceTime.

Hey Siri, set an alarm. Hey Siri, set an alarm for [hora]. Say Siri, wake me up tomorrow at [hora]. Hey Siri, what alarms do I get: . Hey Siri, delete all my alarms. Hey Siri, start the countdown [tiempo]. Hey Siri, remind me at 10am to call (XXX) Hey Siri, what reminders do I have. Hey Siri, clear all reminders. Say Siri, add [evento] on my calendar. Hey Siri, text XXX. Hey Siri, text XXX. Say Siri, call [nombre del contacto]

Say Siri, call [relación familiar, padre, madre…]. Say Siri, FaceTime with [contacto].

weather information

Image by James Yarema

This is one of the most popular queries. Help us from the service assistant to ask about the weather. Information from our city or from any point on the globe, in real time or in forecast.

Hey Siri, what’s the weather like today/tomorrow? Hey Siri, what’s the temperature now? Hey Siri, is it raining today? Hey Siri, what’s the weather tomorrow? Hey Siri, what’s the weather like…tomorrow/next week? Hey Siri, what will be the maximum temperature on Saturday?

traffic condition

We can use Siri and HomePod to query traffic and traffic conditions or to estimate how long it will take to get to a certain point.

Hey Siri, how’s the traffic (here go where you want)? Hey Siri, how long does it take to get to XXX? Hey Siri, what is the nearest bus stop to my house? Hey Siri, how far is it (desired location)

Picture | James Yarema