– Prime Minister Jessica’s popularity has declined in New Zealand due to slow vaccination

The decline in effectiveness of existing corona vaccines has led to the need to develop a new vaccine for the delta variant

New York: The World Health Organization (WHO) said in a weekly report that more than 3 million new cases of corona were reported in the world last week due to the increase in the number of new cases of corona in the Middle East and Asia. The spread of infection has been increasing for more than a month, but there has been a decline of eight percent in corona deaths worldwide. However, deaths from corona in the Middle East and Asia increased by a third. America, India, Indonesia, Brazil and Iran had the highest number of corona cases. The Delta version has now spread to over 150 countries around the world. After increasing the cases of corona for about a month, Europe has seen a decline of nine percent. The number of new cases has decreased in Britain and Spain.

Meanwhile, Brazil has begun easing 15-month-old coronavirus controls as the pace of vaccination picks up.

Meanwhile, the city has been sealed with the intention of punishing local leaders in the city after new cases of corona increased in China. The entire country has been put on high alert after new cases of corona were reported at the international airport in the eastern city of Nanjing. Apart from this, new cases of corona have been reported in the picturesque city of Zhangjiajie. People are locked in their homes in this city. According to the new order, neither tourists nor residents will be able to go out of the city.

Meanwhile, researchers studying the third wave of corona in England say there is a need to develop a vaccine targeting the delta variant. Because of mutations in the spike protein, the antibodies produced by current vaccines have become less effective, and it is time to develop a vaccine that targets the delta variant, the researchers said.

Meanwhile, a federal judge in the US has ordered Texas state troops not to stop vehicles carrying immigrants on the pretext that they will spread the coronavirus pandemic. Meanwhile, the popularity of Prime Minister Jessica Arden in New Zealand has fallen by 4.5 percent due to the slow pace of the corona vaccination process.